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    FYI---->Aclimatizing A new fish.....

    Ok girls and boys.....I tried a couple of different ways to introduced fish into its new habitat.

    Here's what i do now,

    After proper quarantine of the fish you take a piece of eggcrate and separate the tank to give your new friend a place of its own in the main tank.

    Drip acclimatize the fish to the new tank to double the water volume of the bucket or bag(approx.),and float the bag in the water to stabilze the tempature.

    Put the fish in its own part in the tank,make sure he has a place to hide.

    Leave him Or her there for 2 to 3 weeks

    I found that this reduces enormously the stress of all the other inhabitants and your new friend.This way you can easliy feed him what he needs and to get him used to new foods(if needed).

    All the other fish knows that he's there and they all get used to having someone else in the tank without close contact.

    Once he is released and has access to the whole tank he will blend in like dady in momy......

    I found that this way, it highly reduces the stress to everybody....including yourself....

    Again this Is The way "I" found to work the best.........IT doesnt mean its the only way but I just thought Id share this with all of you boys and girl!!!!

    Anybody has anything to add to this feel free.....

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    I think there is too much handling in that arrangement Derik. If the QT is of the same water parameters as the display and the fish has been in there long enough to be healthy I would just put him in the display setup after the QT period. Re-bagging him is just IMO extra stress. The more important acclimatization is from store to the QT setup unless there is a big difference between the QT and the display setup.

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    Yes it makes sense,I dont quarantine so I never take that step or putting in a bucket from quarantine or monitor to have same parameter form both tank cause were i buy my fish,I usually see the fish there for months so to me its just adding stress to quarantine..........the point I wanted to share was the way I introduce him in the tank by separating them with an eggcrate......

    I found that the fish blends in very well this way,compared to putting the fish right away with everybody else.....but like i said its only my way ,and I just like to share with you guys(and Gals)eheh and like to have feedback on it so I can learn more with everybodys ideas on this

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