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    Turtleweed Algae

    It's been growing in my tank for about a year, a good cure is hard to find! Someone told me it's a beneficial macro algae but beneficial to who. It seems that theres no listed fish that eats it so I've started by taking 60% of my rock out( a step backwards) and put it in a tote (covered) along with a P.head and htr. Just wondering if anyone else has any ideas how to remove it, I figure I'll leave it there a week and see if I can scrape it. Let me know what you think, Kevin

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    Any macro algae has the ability to take over your tank. If you can confine the growth to one area and prune it (yank out handfuls) as it grows you will be removing nutrients from your tank every time you do so. Macro algae is beneficial in that it feeds of the nitrates in your tank removing them from the water. Every time you haul out macro you are also hauling out nitrates. If you take out too much too soon you may end up with another kind of nuisance algae - diatoms or cyano - who will gladly step in and take up the nitrates now that the turtle weed is gone. Many people grow their macro algae in a separate refugium so that they can get the benefits without it taking over their tank.

    One of the best macro algaes you can grow is chaetamorpha. It looks like a green brillo pad and doesn't really attach to anything. It also doesn't "go sexual" and crash. I'd get some while you have the turtle weed out so that hopefully it will take up the nitrates and prevent an algae bloom of another kind.

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    And pods love to live in the brillo pad algae too.
    Gail in Nova Scotia

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    Thank you for the info on chaetamorpha ,I'll have to find a supplier for that . There definately won't be any near me!
    I live in a mail-order town!!!
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    I pretty sure that Ivan here at AC has stock on it right now.
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