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    What fish shall I put first in my 65G?

    My tank is not ready YET for fish but...

    When it is...

    I was thinking 2 small false percs?

    What are your thoughts...?


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    Although everybody said they are peaceful. I found that if you add anemone there in the futrue, they become quite aggressive. That peaceful clown turns aggressive and killed my royal grammar and rainfordi. So today I bought an African flameback angel to replace them.

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    I've never known a pair of false or true percs to be aggressive(except maybe when defending their spawning site). I think it's a good choice for your tank!

    "Knowing is half the battle!" ~ G.I. JOE

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    The first two fish I bought were Perculas. I still have them today. I would recomend puting them both in the tank at the same time. It's kind of neat to watch them fight for dominence. Did you know that whoever wins becomes the Female!!! Maybe we could learn something here.

    Definetly a good choice for starters. I've nevere known them to be agressive either. Sorry to hear about the Gramma. I have a Coral Beauty that has killed 2 other fish on me and I could throw him on the floor and jump on him. But I won't cause he's such a nice fish. It's never good to lose one fish because of another but If I were stuck in a glass box and decided I didn't like somebody who was in there with me .....

    Why is it called "cargo" when it goes by ship, and "shipment" when it goes by car?

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    same here 1st 2 fish were 2 percs with 1 anemone and they are great 1 sleeps in the sand and the other in the anemone and are happy campers I also have a royal Gramma and a bi color blenni and no problems at all.

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