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Thread: Live Rock in QT

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    Question Live Rock in QT

    Just wondering if it is OK to put a piece of live rock in the QT. I have a kole tang in QT right now. Research tells me that they, like other tangs, need the algae as part of their diet.

    I picked up the fish on Monday and plan on keeping him in QT for a few weeks, at least. I thought it might help him if there was a piece of LR that has algae on it. My tank is in the declining stage of the filament algae stage of the cycle and the rock I am considering is about twice the size of a fist.

    I expect that if ick shows up during the QT, the rock can not be placed back into the main tank. (prevent transfer of disease, parasite) Therefore I would select the smaller piece.

    Your opinions would be appreciated.

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    Are you interested in keeping the live rock, or just writing it off if there's a problem?

    I would think if you remove the live rock before medicating the tank & then sterilze it you could cure it & allow it to be repopulated with algea & bacteria.

    Then you'd have the piece ready to go for the next time if you need a piece of LR in your QT.

    Won't the tang eat nori on a veggie clip while it's in QT at least though?

    Just thinking out loud.

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    I am sure it will eat nori. He eats flake and Hikari (sp?) Marine S, so eating is not a problem. Just thinking of compensating for a small tank with at least something for it to do. Pick at the rock. I thought that a sterile environment must be pretty darn boring and may create a different kind of stress on the tang. I dont want to put it in the main tank yet, but also dont want to overly stress it in a 20g.

    Your thoughts are mine when it comes to dealing with a piece of live rock in the QT. I know I just could not throw it back in the tank. If however, it would make a positive difference in the short term for QT purposes, then the extra work involved may be worthwhile.
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