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Thread: RO unit install

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    RO unit install

    Hi guys

    After some failed attempts at getting my tank right, I have purchased a RO unit to make my water become stable. The only problem I have is... I live in an apartment and I am not to sure my landlord will appreciate me making holes in his pipes.

    Is there any methos to install these things so that I dont need to make a hole in the pipes?



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    Hey Shel,

    I'm using a faucet adapter. Basicly connects the unit to the faucet and it is a totaly plug and play solution. I found the item by searching in my Yellow pages for water purification. I was able to find a dealer that sells ro/di units and he had an adapter for 10$. Here's what it looks like

    just look for standard faucet adapter. It is easy to install and works great. I was in the same situation as you and this solution has worked out great for me.

    Hope it helps,


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    I hook up the following to the washer machine water source:

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    you guys are forgetting most important rule! hook up before you water meter!!! ( kidding)
    No really i used a fridge ice maker hook up kit ( any hardware store ) to install mine it also came with more hose so i could move the ro unit where i wanted.

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