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    Slow leak in the DI cannister

    Anyone have this unit:

    My DI cannister has a slow leak. It's the cannister itself not one of the fittings.

    Do I use a strap wrench to tighten it or is there something else?


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    Are you absolutely sure that everything is properly tightened?
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    well there is a tool that is suppose to be with it....are you sure you put the seals it leaking for the any lines?may be you didnt put enough teflon tape to the threads of the fittiings

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    It was the DI cannister itself & a pair of belt wrenches fixed it up. My DI cannister is refillable & unfortunately there was no tool enclosed for it. There's one for the prefilters, but nothing for the DI

    Thanks for the tips though.

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    The very same thing happened to me Krugar. I found that teflon tape didn't fix it so I put a little vasoline on the thread. Both ends of the DI filter leaked but the vasoline worked.

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