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Thread: just wondering

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    just wondering

    Just wondering if anyone knows if the hang on fuge by CPR comes with the light assembly or not.Thnaks in advance.

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    No it does not its just the Fuge and pump you got to get the light and substrate.


    Before you buy anything......Read and Research .

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    hey john, if your going to purchase a CPR fuge you might want to talk to harley on here before, see what he can hook you up with. Ive seen some people get a custom fuge made and shipped for like ~85$CDN...Much cheaper than a CPR fuge IMO.

    I know my buddy got one made and we picked it up for like 70$CDN, plus he does really nice work! Anyhow, its worth to take a look to save some $$!

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    True enough. Thanks ak. The only reason why I was looking at the cpr one, is because I thought it was a complete plug and play unit. Well definitaly look into the Harley thing whenI get back on dry land in a few days.

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