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Thread: Its a secret

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    Its a secret


    I am quite new to saltwater, and I currently have a 25 gallon tank that has been set up for about 6 months, and things seem to be going well.

    Im always reading about people who have corraline algae that grows uncontrollably. I have a 30lbs of rock in my tank, with large patches of pink, purple and green corraline on them, but none of it seems to be spreading or growing elsewhere. I check my tank parameters a minimum of once aweek, and everything seems to be fine, aside from a high phosphate level. (0.5 not sure where it coming from)

    So, I guess my question is: Whats the secret to growing the corraline agae? Do you use any additives? Is it just magic? Or do I just plain out suck?

    Thanks for any and all input.

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    You just have to be paitent. You can also scrape off some of the coraline and let it scatter around the tank. It will spread that way.

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    some say strontium has an effect.
    and you will need to get rid of your phosphates (either by water changes with RO/DI water - NOT TAP. or by chemical filtration - such as PhosGuard)
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