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    toadstool next to a finger leather?


    Was wondering if having a finger leather within 2-3 inches from a small toadstool leather is asking for trouble. They both extend well so far. Just checking....

    Is it also completely normal that the toadstool shrivels up completely everyday in the morning and takes a few hours once lights turn on to start extending? Or does that have to do with the finger leather

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    I have the same problem
    but mines doesnt stretch for days?
    Newbie in training

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    I have a toadstool & finger beside each other.(3-4 inches apart) They both seem happy & extended. My toadstool is always retracted in the morning but after a hour of light it extends fully. I wouldn't worry, just keep an eye on it. You might have to spread them apart a bit.


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    i dont know that leathers attack each other. I have a fiji yellow leather attached to a cup leather (can see the pic in My Photos).
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