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    2 questions about Micro Bubbles and Skimmer


    Just started Harley skimmer couple of days ago.
    Can anyone tell me how long it takes to you to get some
    descent foam up to the collector cup?

    (mine is so slow...)

    Second to get rid of those little micro-bubbles
    created by the skimmer?

    I tried to add a kind of sponge in one baffle...
    I used a 'humidifier' filter sponge...i thought it could resolve it
    but not completly...


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    Bubble trap

    Hi LadyP,

    As for the time it takes to get some foam depends on your tank and how much crap you actualy have in your tank to be skimmed out, im new to this hobby and do not run a skimmer yet so maybe someone else can help you here...

    Although for the micro bubbles if you have a sump, you can make 3 baffles with the middle baffle beeing off the bottom of sump creating a trap for bubbles sort of..Look at the picture, that is how I designed my sump, notice those staggered baffles, thats the bubble trap. If you don't have a sump, then I don't have any ideas off the top of my head...

    Hope this helps!

    20G Reef Tank (Starting again...)

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    in most cases once the skimmer is broken in it should help alot with the bubbles. once it starts creating foam that also helps. you said you have baffles so I'm assuming you have a sump. some people do not use internal water flow[closed loop] so they rely on return [sump] flow. this unfortunaley doesn't really give the bubbbles a chance to dissapate.thats why you see more and more reefers going slow flow in the sump and closed loop. give it a few weeks to see what happens.

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