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Thread: tds reading

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    tds reading

    I've been buying RO water at a local store and I just found out that their average TDS reading (taken every morning) is 5.

    Is this significant?

    For comparison's sake, what is a typical reading of tap water?

    Am I better off get distilled water?

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    My tap water comes up with 145 tds so you're way better off with that water. I don't think that 5 is anything to worry about.

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    My tap water is 200 but after ro it is 0.

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    I think you'd be better off getting your own RO/DI. They are quite cheap and that way you know for sure what you are getting.

    I thnik 5 is pretty normal for RO only (I'm getting 0-1). But you will get 0 after DI for sure!


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