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Thread: Hang on filter?

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    Hang on filter?

    do i really need my hang on filter? i use it to add active carbon to my tank once a month?

    is there another way of adding the carbon to the tank?

    my tank is on 20gal.. and i used carbon 2 weeks a month..

    i'd prefer to no use the filter cause it pushes my pom pom xenia around.. and when its off the look great..

    can i add carbon to tank directly? as in hang the bag behind the rocks near power head? or what?

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    No you don't need a hang on filter, and Yes you could just place the bag of carbon in the tank near a higher flow area. In my opinion you don't even need to use carbon, It does'nt hurt but you don't have to use it. I don't use cabon on my 10 gallon nano and all my livestock are doing great. Also some protein skimmer's come with a compartment for you to place carbon and other things in. Does your tank have a sump? If it does you could place the carbon in the sump near the main tank return, that would be a good place for carbon.


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    no sump or anything.. just a prism hang on tank skimmer..

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