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    cycling a new tank with old stuff

    I just started my new 40 gallon with 1/2 of the water was my old tank water...i have new substrate and plenty of live rock that has been in my old tank...just wondering if i need to be concerned about my tank recycling again?

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    I would of used the subtrate also, as that is where your beneficial bacteria is.

    When ever I start a new FW tank I clean the gravel from an establish tank. Ya know all that gunk.....well that gunk is full of beneficial bacteria....looks very messy for a few hours, but with my freshwater tanks, I have never lost any fish this way.


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    Hey Derik,
    I would agree with Ladybug in that you would have lost some bacteria in the substrate. However your live rock will be well established and you should be OK. Depending on the "load" you put on your system initially, you may not go through a cycle. Your only going to get enough bacteria to colonize on your rock & substrate as there is ammonia being produced in the tank. I quote OSD: it's all about balance.

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    with the old live rock in there, you'll probably be fine, just don't load up the new tank too quickly, and if you still have your old gravel, add a couple of handfulls into the new set up

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    I have also heard that if you take some of the nasty stuff in your old filter and put it into the new one, that helps to kick start the filter side of a new set up.

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    a buddy of mine gave me some substrate and dirty water and my ammonia is 0..and i have a lionfish emperor and grouper in a 40 galons ahaha

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    Just keep your eye on the amonia! But I think you will be o.k. When I moved I changed my substrate and put my fish back in the same day and never had a hitch just watch it closely is all!

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