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Thread: New discovery

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    New discovery

    I was moving some softie frags around and discovered a small (3/4") mussel. It is alive... it has its bissel foot attached to the insides of my big green candy cane. Not sure where this little fella came from.. any ideas? I have not added any new rock in months. Only thing I can figure is its related to the NSW I use.... comments?

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    I have a few still in my tank now for a month I got water from the ocean and my daughter threw in a couple of baby mussels and they are still kicking.So are the periwinckles too.I also found some cool looking weeds in the ocean today that I am gonna try out to see how they do. bubbles....

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    Very cool guys. This isn't very common and may very well be related to something (or lack of something) in NSW that isn't in the salt mixes. I know Gail has used nothing but NSW in her tank and has many odd critters that most people don't. She can keep any kind of sponges and tunicates.

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    Just curious, but how do you know your not contaminating the tank with diseases and such when using NSW?
    "Sometimes it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt" Abraham Lincoln

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    I would say the fact that the tank is healthy and thriving would be my first clue :-P

    I'm using water that is used in tanks that have been running for years, that local labs use to breed fish in. Find a good source and go NSW. Cheaper and better then any mix made.

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    Jon, are they black mussels? I have some small ones, but they are a pinkish orange.

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    the shell is mostly white and black

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