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    Angry Brown Film Algae

    My name is Neil chabut and I am from dayton Ohio. I have a 55 gallon
    fish only tank (marine) and a currently running about4 watts per gallon.
    I am having a serious problem with the brown filmy algae that coats
    everything in the tank. I do frequent water changes and lean the gravel
    constantly, but after my lights have been on for only two hours, the
    tank is covered in algae again. I have more than enough filtration
    power, and it seem like I have bought hundreds of snails and crabs. My
    water samples are testing fine, and nobody can give the right advice.
    Nothing will get rid of this filmy algae! Please help! Thanks for your

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    What type of water do you use? RO/DI, tap, etc?

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    Is it near a window?
    Ottawa (Orleans), Ontario
    Yahoo IM: pwallnfld

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    I've done 15% water changes using R/O water, however, I've also used some tap water for topping off.

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    I'm fighting the same battle you are with a 75 I started a month ago. What I have learnt I have working against me and the responses above touch on are 1) I'm getting some direct light coming in a window, so I have the blinds adjusted to prevent this and 2) I started the tank with tap water which contains silicas the brown guys just love The brown algae is unattractive, but I'm informed harmless.

    So I have the light under control, I will only use ro/di water for changes and top offs(you can get Di at the grocery store) I dropped 30 snails in there, and I'm told 1,3 (or more) tangs will clean this right up. I have not got the tangs in that tank, but with the light, water, and snails the tank is coming around. And once I can assure their safety, in go the tangs. I suppose any herbavore would do it but tangs take out a lot of the nasty's other fish leave behind ;-)

    Hope this helps.

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    Excess feeding can also cause algea outbreaks ... are you feeding alot?

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    Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it

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