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    Ok when I bouth the tank at the pet store it came with Power-glo light

    Power-Glo 20W 24"x1" 18000k

    It says it is ideal for, fresh water, saltwater, plated, croals, invert.

    But is it realy good

    On the box it sugest to uste it with Marine-glo or life-glo

    Marine-glo (no info on it, just a blue square in the light spectrum)<
    life-glo 6700k

    Naturaly I only have on place in my light thing (that came with the tank)

    But I plan on bying MH + Actini (and a balast) but not for now, would it be bether than the other light setup (power-glo + marine-glo+ live-glo

    I plan on having a clam, and mor corals,
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    I wouldn't plan on any clams or most corals with just that light.
    you might get away with some mushrooms but even thats iffy.
    you probaly have 2 tubes no? I mixed a power glo with a miarine glo when I first started and the color was okay but you would need a lot mor light than that for most corals.

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    for clams I would get MH + actini but I dont plan to add some yet so

    But i only can put one tube in my lamp fixture

    it came with the 25g tank

    But I,m thinking of addin a marin-glo but i would need to by a biger lamp fixture so might as well go for the mh + actini in stead (would be cheaper in the long run lol)
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    I would ditch the light fixture and custom make your own hood so that you can run MH and actinics. The 20W or so light that came with the tank just doesn't cut it unless the tank is strictly FO or FOWLR (with live rock). But with FOWLR, anything on the live rock that is interesting (there are lots) and needs light to thrive will suffer.
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    i got the same qestion kinda
    i desided i was going to make my own hood well my dad is and i wanted 4 marine glows and 4 power glows, what can i get wit hthat?

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