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Thread: Bulb Salt

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    Bulb Salt

    hi All,

    I was examining my two VHO bulbs today and noticed a fair amount of hardend salt on both of them. Just donering if i am suppose to do anything to clean these off and wether it has any effect on performance.


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    Wipe them off with a damp cloth after they have been off for for a awhile.......the salt coating affetcs the lighting minimally.....just nice to keep things clean.

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    Sorry, Just wanted to use the smilie
    Yeah..., as he said. Think of car lights when they get dirty and the big difference it makes when you clean them. A word of caution though, if you let your lights get dirty enough where the quality of light has really diminished, cleaning them all of a sudden can even cause some corals that are sensitive to bleach from the sudden intensity. This is an extreme uncommon thing though, but it has happened. I think most people don't let it get that bad though.

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