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    Good first corals

    Any suggestions on some good first corals to buy? I'm looking for easy to care for beginner corals.
    55 Gallon w 22 lbs of live sand and 40 lbs of crushed coral.
    60 lbs of live rock. 220 watts PC lighting.

    Damsel, clowns, xenia, digitata, green star polyps, torch, zoo's, candycane, shrooms.

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    Star polyps would be a good start
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    Xenia, mushrooms, toadstool all make good starters least from what I've seen in my tank.

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    star pollyps , a nice big leather umbrella is always nice,mushrooms, just get a few and wait a few months and see how they do then add more.
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    Speaking of Leather, i have a large finger leather i would like to get rid of..
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    Mushrooms and polyps....great starter corals and they will spread on their own quite easily which is a bonus for someone starting out.
    35Gal mixed Reef with light fish load. 250W MH, Jebo Skimmer,

    100Gal FOWLR- Heavy fish load and a few soft corals.

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    Just about anything in a leather is a good starter. I have had Shrooms since the biggining and they need practically no talent to keep. I have recently gotten a little more into corals and I went with some Star Polyps, a Gorgonian, Xenia, Plate Coral and Disk Coral. All seem relatively easy so far. I also have a few Clams but they do require a bit more and I would not recomend them yet because it is an expensive loss which I have just found out:-( Just do a little reading on what your interested in before you buy and try to avoid Impulse buying. is a good place to get some basic info on most corals and fish!

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    depends on your lighting. VHO can be good for many corals including some caps and digitatas.

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