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    air pockets in sand bed?

    I have little air pockets like bubbles in my sand bed is this normal? When the sand/crushcoral gets moved it releases and more come back over time.

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    I have this in my nano also. I'm not 100% sure if it's what I think it is but my guess is that it's the end result of the Nitrogen cycle - Nitrogen gas being released from the sand bed. I read this before but like I said not 100% sure if this is what it is. Maybe someone else can chime in.


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    in your sand bed or on your sand bed?? can you see little spaces thru your glass?? lots of times worms will make tunnels.
    if its on then its either cyno bacteria or diatoms.

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    Any truth to my saying johny?

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    If the tank is mature it is most likely gas bubbles but it could also be worm tunnels, which will fill with gas, or for that matter a combination of both.

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    if you see them on the front glass under the sand it could simply be oxygen bubbles produced by algea getting light through the glass and photosynthesising. The air gets trapped under the sand.
    it could also be nitrogen gas..

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    Last but not least, it could be the nitrogen in gas form that was created by the denitrification process in the sand bed in hypoxic layer.

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    GAS?!!!! In our tanks?!!! great, so much for smoking while working on the tank!!

    I'm kidding!! I don't smoke!! Yuch!!!!:redhat: uke1: uke3:

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