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    Left in the dark


    It seems today that the ballast for my Power Compact lights has decided to no longer work. The problem is, the only light I now have for my tank is my old 20 watt powerGlo flourescent light. I dont have any corals yet, but will my other critters be alright with the reduced light intensity and no actinics for a little while? I have:

    1 Tomato Clown
    1 Mandarin Goby
    1 Lawnmower Blenny
    1 Pepermint Shrimp
    Blue legged hermit crab

    What sorts of negative side effects can I expect due to the decreased light intensity?


    27 Gallon Saltwater tank, 110W PC Light, Seaclone 100, 5 gallon HOB Fuge,Approx. 30lbs Live rock, Aragamax sand substrate.
    Tomato clown, Mandarin dragonnet, Bicolor Angel, Assorted hermits and snails, Cleaner Shrimp.
    Assorted mushrooms, Zoanthids, Finger Leather.

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    If no algae grows those critters who eat algae might start getting hungry.

    Otherwise, fish and invertibrates don't need light beyond enough to see where they are swimming / walking / oozing.

    You won't want to leave it in the dark for very long (weeks to months), but, don't panic while you get your lights going again.
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    Bad Lighting = Algea in my experience. i would think your fish will be fine though for a little while!

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    Your critters will be fine for a while. Corraline might take a small hit but it will recover.

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