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    Getting your Copperbanded buttfly to eat?

    I just bought a copperbanded butterfly for my tank, I know he's hard to get to sart eating, anyone have any helpful hints? He looks fine just don't see him eating, my Tang's are starting to leave him alone.

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    Happy Belated B-Day by the way!:fool: :happybday :dance-o-j I notice as I was signing off yesterday that it was your B-Day! Can't help you on the Copper Band. Nice fish though, Good Luck!!!!!!

    Why is it called "cargo" when it goes by ship, and "shipment" when it goes by car?

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    you could try feeding him, live clams or mussels. Also adding garlic to his food might entise him.

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    It's always good to buy the fish after its eating. but,hind site is 20/20 so, I've heard of people taking material like tulle,[its mesh like wedding vale and can be bought at a fabrick store] and putting mysis shrimp in there all smooshed up. this way the CB picks at it.

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    Copperbands can eat in one tank and then stop when moved to another, and are notorious for starving themselves.

    A couple of ideas

    1- Turn of P/H's when feeding for the first week or so, as they can be "slow" to react at first when food is put in the tank, this gives them a little more time to respond.
    2- They seem to like blood worms and brine, try the live and then slowly incorporate the frozen as well.
    3- Mash the food in litttle crevices in the rocks as they are pickers it might pick from the rock/s.
    4- Pray. Hard.
    "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."
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    I've had luck with getting copperbands to eat in a separate tank. Sometimes the stress of being the new fish in the tank and having to learn to eat out of the water column, all right after shipping, is just too much for them.

    If you set up a little quarantine tank the fish can relax with no other fish around and is more likely to eat.

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    Thanls for all your answers so far he's eating from the seaweed clip and seem to picking at blood worm and shrimp.

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