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    Additions to my sump ..

    I'll post some pics later, but my sump is FINALLY done (or what I think done is). But before I do put it to use, I'd like to know if I should add anything to it so I don't end up draining it and redoing some piece of it.

    The dimensions are 44x16x16 (~50Gal) and it contains a 10Gal refugium, drop in area for where the water runs in from the tank, 3 baffles and a 10 gallon area to store live rock for some additional filtration.

    The tank is basically identical to
    but with a few minor changes.

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    I still haven't got the pics off my camera, but I'm now assuming by the lack of response that my sump is perfect?

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    Do you have need or want for Probe mounts? This might include pH, SG, etc. or float switches for autotopoff or high / low water alarms.

    Do you have a way to mount your heaters?

    Does your skimmer fit? Does it need a lift?

    Do you want or need a way to clamp / stabilize your hoses and pumps ?

    - Chris

    Nothing is perfect, but, sometimes you come close enough for practical purposes. ;-)
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    I don't run a heater in my tank right now but was considering getting one soon. Oddly enough my tank stays at around 78degrees without a heater.

    My skimmer doesn't fit but it's a hang-on anyways so I'm not concerned about him.

    I still haven't bought the expensive probes and do all my tests the old fashioned way but I do agree that this might be something I want to look into right now.

    See, now that's the kind of input I was looking for. I will do some research on what heater I want later on because then I can atleast make a suitable mount now. Furthermore I'm still investigating how to stabalize my hoses since they tend to droop into the tank. I may add an acrylic top and stick a bulkhead on them to make sure they stay put. Thanks for the input.

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