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    dyed (colored) corals

    Does dying soft coral injure it? Is it permanent or does it fade?
    Saw one and was just wondering.

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    In my opinion anyone to dye a coral intentionally should be ashamed. Even if it was "safe" for that species of coral it promotes dying in general which I believe to be wrong. Kinda feels like a Martha Stewart home decor modification more than keeping a mini ecosystem.

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    It often kills the coral or shocks it so badly that it never really recovers but doesn't die either. Sometimes the colour just fades and the coral does o.k. Ive seen plenty of dyed soft corals and plate corals- they've either died or lost all the dye and only done so so in the long term. Bottom line: it's bad for the coral, it's bad for the hobby and it's just simply bad in general

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    thought so, I felt the same way about the practice in fw with glassfish also. thanks

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