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    will using kalk through my stable Ca out of whack?

    Hey guys,
    I'm Meagan, Mike's other half (notice I didn't say better half).

    The water testing/additives are my department and I have a question about Kalk too. Our Ca level remains quite constant with our regular water changes (between 440-460). It says everywhere I read that between 400 and 475 is ideal. We have bought some kalk and want to dose the tank if necessary. We have a dosing pump and it could be regulated very well. I just don't want to mess with a good thing, but I don't want to deprive my tank of any other benefits of using Kalk. If we dose with it, will it put our Ca way over the top or are we missing anything if we don't?

    Any input would be great!!
    Mike Philpott

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    Hi Megan

    What are the benefits do you want to get from Limewater other then a CALC boost? ALK/PH issues?

    This may be helpfull
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    benefits of using KALK as topoff are a balanced cal/alk additive. but, its for helping stabilize these numbers not increasing any of them. on smaller tanks with a mixture of softies/leathers etc. I see no need for KALK really just good ol water changes and testing plus the occasional tweak of ca/buffer is all you need. on larger mor hard coral tanks kalk is a good thing. on eaven larger hard coral dominant tanks a ca reactor is needed.

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    come on Meagan! Everybody knows you're the better half!! If you have stable parameters, don't mess with kw- why tamper with a good thing? The only benefit of kw is it's phosphate binding capabilities. However, Rowaphos or another iron based po4 remover will do a better job than kw..

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