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Thread: "Fish Stores"

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    "Fish Stores"

    Just a quick question!! Anyone know of any good "salt water fish stores" in the KW/London area? I have been to Aquarium Services in Kitchener, The Fish Room in Brantford and 2 stores in London. I have not tried Aquarium Services in London yet. There must be more than just Big Als in the KW/Waterloo area? I guess a trip to T.O. is in order in the future. I am new to salt water, I have just started a 24 gallon Nanocube in Jan. any ideas/hints/advise would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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    Have you tried posting this question on the MASK forum ( There seems to be a very active marine group in the K-W area. I'm sure people on that forum could give you sime good advice.

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    Welcome to by the way. There's a wealth of information on this forum....the people here are just the best!
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    Try Planet Aquarium in Kitchener. They had some nice stuff when i was in there last. I think it is on Ontario St. 1/2 block west of King St.
    Oh my that's expensive :canadian: oof:

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    this should help you find stores in your area...

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    Thanks for the Info, maybe I will try Planet Aquarium in Kitchener this weekend.

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    If you don't mind to order online, Ijo at AquariaCanada is your men!

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    Stores in KW

    I am looking as well, there is one at "Reptiles" in the quantity but good knowledge

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