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Thread: Lorne's setup

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    Lorne's setup

    I was over to see (read drool) Lorne's tank this week. I had my camera with me and snapped several photos. For you that don't know Lorne, he has a custom built 120. He did all the construction work himself, and has one of the most beautiful tanks I have ever seen. The following pictures are best enjoyed if you hit the "View Full Size" at the bottom. Warning to dialup users, the pics are all at least 2mb


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    cool...i really like the rock idea...diffrent.... nice pics too, xerces.

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    yup..nice pics

    btw there is a pic that says "Lorne's new critter"...what is that? a coral? I see the picture but I don't know what it is

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    That is one of Lorne's newest additions, a "barrel tunicate". Very cool looking!

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    Not bad!! What are the dimensions of the tank and how long has it been setup in it's current way ? Is it just me or it looks like it's a cube. That Tunicate is exceptional!! Has he had it a long time? Never heard of it called a Barrel Tunicate before. It's scientific name is Polycarpa aurata.

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    Lorne made the tank himself. It's built in as a wall divider between his kitchen and living room. I belive it's 3' long but not sure on that. He built a surge device for it as well.

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