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Thread: fake live rock

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    fake live rock

    saw this today on ebay, any thoughts?


    would it work for base rock?

    sorry, link not working search: HBH Reef Builder #4 Jumbo Aquarium Live Rock Replica NR

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    sure it would be good base rock.. in time it will be seeded., i've seen people use a patio stone tile ( wont mention maso10 .. hi hi hi ) as long as its either made for it or you know for sure it canot leach out anything into the water.. you are safe..

    as long as its reef safe.. and you think it looks good.. I say Go for it!

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    thank's for reply liv, sites all say ok for fresh and saltwater, no leaching.

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    As I can see this thing is peace of plastic made to look as a reef rock. You will be much better with just plain white base rock that will turn into live rock with the time (providing you will have some LR as a seed) and will do the task it is supposed to do.
    It will make sense to get that only if one would buy plastic rock, plastic corals and perhaps plastic fish as a package.
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    plastic ich and plastic bristleworms too?

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    If it's plastic I'd skip it. I had to have 5 fish in a hospital tank for 2 months recently and bought some plastic stump hiding places for them. I thought they'd like them better than just PVC. They didn't. I'd go with dry base rock or tuffa or something porous like that. The critters will like it better and it'll hold a lot more nitrifying bacteria.

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    This product has been discontinued from HBH,the Rocks looks great, but one word "plastic" .
    There is no problem with it but it will not keep its color for a long time hopefully coraline will grow over it though.


    Before you buy anything......Read and Research .

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    The real issue is that plastic rock will add no additional filtering capacity to the setup. The rock is to provide a home for large numbers of various types of bacteria and plastic will not do that for you.

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