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    $10 000 is nothing if you add everything up. I might move to NYC soon and i added up what id get for livestock and equipment and very modest prices. i will get $2500 in cash when i sell all of this. just think of what ive spent in the last 6 years on new crap. and livestock that been lost, and salt isnt cheap and you cant resell that.

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    Don't get me wrong, when I said it i did meant, money spent for nothing. Salt, livestock that have been kept for a while and have died are not for me a lost.

    A lost for me is when you boght a new equipment and after that you realize that this is a crap and you can't sell it for a good price. A lost is when you bought something that you don't get what you have paid for!

    IMO, this is a really nice hobby, I love it! For me to redo a whole system because I had not build it correctly or to lost animals in my tank because of an illness or I don't know what is a lot of fun for me, because I learn. For me what makes that hobby fun, is because it's hard and you always to learn and search for information.

    But, if I see someone that think he is loosing is money doing that hobby and that he gets no fun doing it, then I can understand when he wants to quit, IMO.

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    some people look at this hobbie way wrong! they go whole hog and spend tons of coin just to find that after 3 months they don't have a tank like the other guy who's been patiently building over the years, This hobby is all about a LONG term comittment and patience. If you don't have that,then back to freshwater for you

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    johnny rock you can not have said that any better ...patience and comittment will get you a nice tank not always money

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    The best things in life take time, practicaly nothing good comes quick and ez.

    Crazy, its too bad you learned reefkeeping from aquat, had you known about this site your first try would have been more successfull.

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    Well i can easyli say that ive lost in between 4000-5000$ in the last 3-4 years AT LEAST.with both fresh and saltwater..bying fish and returning them for 10
    % the price i paid for them..broken meters and probes....upgrading tanks..downgrading tank..unused filters,media,test kits,sand,gravel,ornements,dead fish because of me...broken tank,useless pumps.lights...ballasts.and the list goes on..i swalled all of it and now im being carefull..I recently burnt my uv lights ballast cause i left it on the ground and some water whent on it cause of my stupidity..

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    I fired up my 100 gallon tank in early May of 2003. Since then I have as most know upgraded to my current 225 gallon setup. There is almost nothing in it yet but 95% of the equipment buying is done. My quicken software says I have spent since May 2003 on these tanks .... $8,251.03
    I have had NO costly mishaps and lost 2 yellow tangs, 1 Emperor Angle and about 9 blue green chromis. All were lost to a disease outbreak that I was slow to identify.
    THIS HOBBY IS NOT FOR THE FINANCIALLY WEAK HEARTED. If you can't handle numbers like these stay in the 50 gallon range and enjoy the fish and corals that the tank will honestly hold.

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    I've been in the hobby almost 4 years now and have 4 tanks running. I've had more disasters than any dozen reefers combined and keep a thick file folder of receipts that I've never added up. I just don't want to know. I work hard and this hobby is really the only thing I do that's just for me. Despite the troubles along the way overall it's been an incredibly satisfying ride and I'm more addicted now than ever. That's hard to put a price tag on.

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    Setting up & Buying stuff: $$$$$$

    Mishaps: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Addiction: priceless!!!!

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    addiction is not the word,its total self satisfaction and it does not stop.

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