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Thread: Macro Algae?

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    Macro Algae?

    Can somebody please help me to ID these macro algaes?

    The white and the red?

    27 Gallon Saltwater tank, 110W PC Light, Seaclone 100, 5 gallon HOB Fuge,Approx. 30lbs Live rock, Aragamax sand substrate.
    Tomato clown, Mandarin dragonnet, Bicolor Angel, Assorted hermits and snails, Cleaner Shrimp.
    Assorted mushrooms, Zoanthids, Finger Leather.

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    I'm assuming you're asking about the red stuff... Can't help you there as I don't know. pretty though!!
    if by chance you're referring to the white things, those are a type of sponge that won't grow very big or get out of hand. They are good to keep.

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