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    The PC lighting was less than a month old and NO are about 2 months now. I think 210 watts over 37 may have triggered it with 12 hours of operation. I guess I'll run it with 145 Watts for a while before I make any more changes.

    Johnny - My current skimmer is good but water spills are a problem. With frequent power outages the carpets are getting ruined ( I keep my tank in the den). I'll be getting one of those big boy tools kind of skimmer when I move to my 72 Gallon in a month (sooner if someone will take my FW fish from me). I hope the current tank will hold for a month without a skimmer.


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    To get rid of Cyano, you can use RES SLIME REMOVER. The only problem I tell people is you need to find the reason you got it in the first place. A new tank may get it as part of the cycling. In that case, use the SLIME REMOVER, and see if it returns. If the cyano is from poor water conditions, then after you use the red slime remover, it'll soon return. You can try it.

    When removing cyano, you have to try and siphon it out. You may have to scrape and siphon at the same time. You'll need a second person to help with that.

    RED SLIME REMOVER will remove the cyano in about a day or two, and not harm your livestock.

    As far as runnig your system without a skimmer, just keep more frequent small water changes.
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