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    carpet anemone feeding


    Just wondering about a proper feeding plan for my newly acquired carpet anemone. Its about 6" in diameter and is under 2 x 96w pc lighting (dual daylight, dual actinic). It hosts no fish yet. I feed what livestock I have in the tank with mysis and enrighed daphnia - both fresh frozen. Should i also be feeding the carpet larger meatier foods?

    Its a newer tank set up so i am trying to limit the nutrient input into the system. because of certain circumstances i needed to get this anemone sooner then i had intended - without the benefit of a well establish or stabilized system.

    Any knowledge or experiences would be greatly appreciated if shared!

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    Try "Krill"
    That is what i feed my Anemone/clownfish and they seem to love it.
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    i have a nice carpet that probably reaches 12". I feed it large peices of cocktail shrimp that i get from the restaurant i work at. he loves it. completely human grade raw shrimps. once a week and what ever my clowns bring to it. it will acclimate better over the weeks if you have clowns in it. they bring it food and protect it. namely two pink skunk clowns. BTW, fisherman is selling two for $40.00 dollars on this very website. good deal.

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    KRILL,SILVERSIDES,SHRIMP,SCALLOPS. feeding can vary. I feed every 3 weeks or so. lighting plays a huge roll[you should get more] and keep a real close eye because as you mentioned your tank is to new.remember, that anenome can easily take the whole bottom of that 55g.

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    Carpets also like
    Gobies, Chromis, buterflies......

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    well, first off-
    to A.C.
    ya missed it Johnny!!
    as for the carpet, I feed mine about once a week one uncooked, thawed shrimp. But any meaty seafood will probably do- it takes a little experimenting to see what it really likes. Opinions on feeding frequency and type of food are pretty wide ranging...
    Can I assume you know the basics when it comes to proper water conditions? Anemonies aren't the easiest things to keep- especially in a new set up.

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    Well thanks for the info everyone. I am a little more worried now about it (the carpet) being in this new set-up. I have read about its demand of stable and well adjusted water chemistry but i am really hoping i will only read it and not experience it. I guess that means attention and vigilance.
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    Johnny was right on with the lighting advice. Carpets only get part of their nutrition from being fed. The rest of it comes from zooxanthellae within the tissues of the anemone...that's where the powerful lighting comes in.

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    I had a Carpet Anenome once. After four Chromis, a Yellow Tang, and a Yellow Wrasse, it just got too expesive to feed him. LOL (laughing now, but not then).

    I really suggest not keeping any other fish (besides Clowns) with a Carpet Anenome. I learned that the hard way.


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    If you don't upgrade your lighting the carpet will slowly die, meanwhile the colours will quickly fade. You do have some time though. I did the same sort of thing originally. I bought a blue carpet and put it under pc's. It was eating but I had to fight off the other critters because it's feeding response was slow because of the poor lighting. After 2 months it wasn't expanding as much and the colours were almost white, some of the tentacles were also dieing. Igot it under a 250mh and still had to baby it for about 4-5 months untill the colour fully returned. Now it is stronger than ever and looking great, so don't lose hope. I've also never had a problem with fish going missing, even cleaner gobies. I think if your fish are healthy you should be ok. BTW I feed it once a week.

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