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    Help me design my wall unit/room divider

    Sometime in July we will be moving into our new house. Id like to build a wall unit for my 90g. Ill post some photoshop pics of what I was thinking about doing. I'd much perfer to make the tank as a room divider thinking that I'd make the unit 6 foot long, 8 feet high and around 20 inchs wide. Kinda like this.

    I am unsure of how high to make the stand from the floor to to bottom of the tank

    I know its only a 4 foot tank but with the stand being 6 feet, one day I might be able to put a bigger tank in it. Any suggestions or plans or better ideas, let me know please


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    So, I'm in the process of designing / building a stand for my 75 gal.

    I intend to use a 65 gal as my sump and aim to have 8" of clearance over it. (more is better, but pushes the main tank higher).

    With this arrangement and allowing for wood and such, the bottom of my display will be 35" or so from the floor.

    Depending on things such as your sump, your skimmer (or maybe your intended skimmer) you might need more or less than this.
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    DARK, Let me know if your interested in JASONS [JADON CONSTRUCTION] phone number. If you want top quality wood work and installation of your tank he's the man!

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    I'd like to talk to him but fear his price would be WAY out of reach for me. PM me the # if you wish.

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    My tank is 36" off the floor. If you plop a couch right in front of it it would be too tall, but as a room divider where people would enjoy the tank sitting in the dining room or the living room I think that's a good height. The one problem I have is tank maintenance which requires a stool or a chair, but it's not all that bad. 36" stand plus 24" high tank gives you approx. 36" above the tank to house the lighting and stuff and that's a ton of clearance.

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    I usually go with 30". That's just me though. Me and the man have built 9 stands and all of them were 30". When your sitting on the couch it's just the right hight, good hight for feeding and maintenance, and not so low that you can't look at them while standing. (unless you are abnormally tall, like Robert on Everybody loves Raymond!)

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