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    hi guy iam a new kid and i just got a 125 gallon tank and i was wondering how to build a sump for my tank it has built in overflows and i have never delt with them before i have a couple tanks but nothing over 75 gallon so if you guys could give me some advise that would be great?
    thanks carter

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    There has been quite a bit of talk over the last few months about sump setups and "the perfect sump". I'd suggest taking a peek at:

    for a basic sump system and then looking at the DIY section for the acrylic threads. I built my own sump about a month ago and I got all my information from there. You'd be surprised how much useful information there is already on this forum about sump setups and calculating what you will need!

    If you can't go from start to finish you can always poke a question in from time to time and there's plenty of folks around that wil help.

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    Hey Carter.

    Are they overflows or holes drilled into the back of the tank?

    You'll need to determine what volume of water your sump will need to hold. In oder to do this, you'll need to calculate how much water will be draining from your tank if no pump was returning water to the display. This will help you avoid a potential flood. See here -

    FWIW I have a 30 gallon sump underneath my 120. I could have gone larger, but thats all that would fit!

    Remember, you'll want water draining to the sump faster then it's being pumped back to your display to avoid your sump going dry
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    Well, you want the overflow/drain to have a greater capacity. The water will return at the rate it is added to the display tank.

    It is likely that your overflows were installed to support a salt / reef tank and will be sufficient.

    It is better, in general, to go will as big a sump as you can comforably fit. This will leave room to add more things later and provide as much extra water (for stability) as possible. But, you do want to leave room in your cabinet for other equipment.
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    "It is likely that your overflows were installed to support a salt / reef tank and will be sufficient."

    Hmmm the above qualifier is "likely" . Lots of "reef ready" tanks don't have enough drainage for my purposes, anyways.

    I would still calculate out the GPH capacity of your drain/overflow (if not already known, otherwise, point is moot).

    You could flood your display/pump your sump dry with a pump that's too big for the drain capacity!
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    I recently built a 15 gallon sump for my 35 gallon tank. It was not that diffacult. Do a little reserch online before you do build one. things to account for.

    Volume - The sump needs to be large enough so that when the power goes out. It will handle what water drains back form the tank.

    Plumbing needed - You need to make sure that your pump is rated to handle the hight and flow of water from your tank.

    Sump type - Some people just use a sump to hold extra water. You can build your sump to suit the needs of your tank. Heaters, skimmers, even a place to grow out algea or mangroves.

    If you have some basic power tools you can build a sump at home. Mine is made of acylic. some use glass. good luck man. And welcome to AC:yay:
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    they are over flows i can send i pic if you guys would like
    thanks carter

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