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Thread: Mystery worm

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    Mystery worm

    Found this white, flat as a pancake "thing" on by tank. About an inch long, 1/2" wide and totally flat. It is not like a snail or slug, it does not seem to have a top or bottom, no eyes, mouth, feelers and is totally white. It must be some type of flat worm (very flat), I would just like to know if anybody has any idea of what it is and if it is harmful. You can find a picture of it in the "Photopost" section (Features) titled "Mystery Worm" I am new to this and still have to figure how to post pictures in the right section! The "thing" is exactly as you see it, I know the picture is not the greatest, but there is really nothing to this "worm" thing. Any ideas??

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    How long was it in that pic.
    Offhand, it looks like a Stomatella snail from the underside, but not from your description. Was it also plain white on it's topside? It doesn't look like a flatworm in "that" pic. Can you get a better shot "without" the flash next time?

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