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Thread: My first brain

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    My first brain

    I just got home with my new brain and was wondering if there are any special acclimatization techniques for it? Or can I just put him in? Also, I've read that placing them on the sand is the best place for them. Anyone have an opinion on this?

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    I recommend a slow acclimation, perhaps an hour or an hour and a half. I acclimize my animals by leaving it in the original bag of water then dumping in 3/4 of a cup of the tanks water every 20 minutes for an hour or an hour and a half. Has served me fine.

    I put mine on the sandbed as that is how they are in the wild and it is doing quite well.

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    Sand is fine but not necessary, they will do just fine on a rock as well.
    Narsil's advice will certainly do a nice job for acclimation. As a bare minimum, it is good to float the bag the equalize the temp. of the bag with the tank.

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    Thanks guys, I would have acclimatized the temp but wasn't sure if I should drip it or not... the LFS said no, so of course I assumed yes :-)

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    Yeah I follow that rule of thumb too. What ever that big fish place said is likely wrong & I should do the opposite lol.

    I don't set a time on acclimation, I wait until the salt is equal between the bag & the tank.

    I suppose I'd strech it out to an hour if it ever came in less, but I think my fastest time was 2 hours getting a bag from 1.024 to my tank's 1.023.

    Then there's the blood shrimp that came in a 1.030 bag... 9 hours of aclimation lol.

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