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    Ready for critters! quick question...

    Well, after 2 months of gathering equipment, building the stand and canopy it's finally ready to go

    Currently this is what I have:

    90 Gallon Hagen Tank
    70 lbs of LR (20 from LFS and 50 from a local guy) might add a few cherry picked pieces later
    Red Sea Berlin HO Skimmer / 1700 Mag
    AquaClear power filter
    2x Maxi-jet 1200's
    1x Hagen 301 with Cannister filter
    2-3" DSB

    Now my question is... :

    To add hermits or not to add hermits? Snails?(I do have a bunch of smaller ones from the LR)
    What are the pros and cons - yes I plan of making this tank a reef tank.

    Thanks all

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    Really nice aquascape, i like it but you will need more flow. Flow on the surface is also important for oxygen.

    Hermits used to fight between each other, even your snails. You will reduced the chance of those fights by adding some empty shells all over your tank. Tehy do a good jobs but don't like the fact that they are always kiling other critters.

    I am a snail guy. Snails do a really nice job also and they don't need to change shell as they grow at the same time. You will need a lot of varieties. Astrea snails, you have two kind of astrea, the big and the smaller one. having both is a bonus as some of the big ones can't go on small places. Turbo snails are very good and fast algea eater. For your sand bed, have some nassarius and cerith snails for a good clean sand. Having a strawberry conch will help you out with algea and cyano problem.

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    I have a good mix of blue leg hermits and snails.

    In my 35gallon:

    16 astrea snails
    5 nassarius
    15 blue leg hermits(large and small)
    emerald green crab

    i2ik makes a good point a good mix of snails is best. I find hermits are a little more intersting to watch then a snnnnnnnnnnnail. just make sure they have lost of shells to fight over. The hermits i find are also hardier than most snails.

    Tank good great! I like the Black cabinet. draws your eye to the tank.
    TANK -35 Gallon with 15 gallon sump/fuge
    LIGHTS - T5HO 36" 165 total watts
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