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    Sand bed

    I am setting up a 50 gal in the next couple weeks and am debating whether to do a DSB or not. I am gonna have a good skimmer and a sump so i could grow macro algae, so would i even need a dsb for nutrient export? I would rather do a 2" bed just for looks.


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    I run a 2-3 inch bed which is what I was told to do by a LFS, 2 guys running tanks for 10+ years. They said it wasnt necessary to run anything deeper "if" there was more then enough quality liverock. My sand bed has more then enough "bugs" in it from the rock.

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    I think if I had to do it all over again I would probably go with a shallow sandbed but this is just my opinion. I think my DSB is causing me problems right now.


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    I had a 2 inch sand bed in my 65 gal tank and now in my new system I am only running a 1 inch bed. Just enough for looks and Aerobic activity. My sump has a 2 inch bed though.
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    I'm running a plunem in my sump and about two inches in the display tank. My nitrates are undetectable.

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