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    yellow fuzzy growth

    I have two (on different rocks) yellow fuzzy growths starting.
    I have no idea at all what this could be. It's about the size of a loonie and is growing like a FUZZY little cotton ball. There are a couple of little pods that seem to be yellow inside, could this be how this fuzz starts?
    Any ideas?

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    I have several in my tank. It's a type of sponge. unfortunately I have never kept them alive more than a couple months. They seem to grow fast then quickly receed. Harmless and just leet it grow. They are quite common. If you really dislike it, inject it with air using a syringe. I would leave it though. The pods will manifest around it.
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    Thanks Mouse! I will keep it around, it adds a beautiful yellow colour. I never cease to be amazed (and sometimes puzzled) by what appears...out of nowhere.

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