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Thread: Aiptasia Killer

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    Aiptasia Killer

    I read this somewhere on a site and decided to try it. I boiled some water in a cup in the microwave, took a syringe filled with hot water and inject the aptasia with it. I did it two or three times to the same stalk and it seems have worked great....... so far. Anyone else ever try this??????

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    Never heard of that.......interesting.

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    I always just uses joes juice. Works really well. Now i'm all out so I might try vinegar. Can't really remember how much thou. Do anyone know??
    Mike Philpott

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    What I have used in the past is a very strong Kalk mix, almost like a paste. Shoot it through a seringe at the Aptasia. Always worked for me.

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    You use hot vinegar and inject into the mouths. Keep a check on the pH when you do this, and other surrounding corals.
    I burnt a red brain accidentally once, it recovered.
    The Kalk paste works well, mix thick and glue 'em in..
    I had sooooo much aiptasia that I couldn't control it with the above and even used hydrochloric acid and the little s**ts STILL didn't die!!! We get Joes Juice here now, though I wouldn't be surprised if its just an acid of sorts.
    A Copperband has been doing the job well for now.
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    Yah I tried boiling water and it's the only thing that has worked for me. I did the kalk paste and worked great, I thought, but they came back about a week later, looking pretty bad though.

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