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    Has anyone heard of the Nassarius Obsoleta.( ILynassarius Obsoleta) snails? I have purchased Nassuarius snails from the LFS in the past but do not know the specific type.

    I bought 300 (got a little ebay happy and got stuck with 2 auctions )of the above from ebay for approx $0.10/snail and before they arrive I thought I better verfiy they are OK.

    Also after reading OSD problems how does one properly quarentee snails?

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    I'm not sure of the specific species but I believe most nassarious snails are safe.

    To quarantine them you'll need to put them in a tank by themselves for 6-8 weeks. This is how long it would take for most major parasites to starve without any fish. It would be tricky though, you'd have to keep them from starving in the meantime.

    That's a lot of snails. You'd need about a 500+ gallon tank to keep them long term.

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