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    this is so absurd I had to share

    Look like $25k will get you only a cyano farm these days....
    He's correct in saying that this tank is almost 'zero maintenance' though. It sure looks like it! lol.

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    Wow....I've never seen so much cyano algae in a tank before.
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    First of all... I don't see how his list of equipment comes to $25000 US... Not even $12000 US that he's asking for...If that's $25000us of investment... he got taken for the ride of his life...

    I know that Icecap ballasts are for aquariums, but I never knew they were to be submerged in your sand underwater...
    Doesn't that look like an Icecap ballast in his sand there at the far end? LOL

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    He'd probably have a better chance selling it if it were empty. I'm gonna have nightmares tonight having seen all that cyano!

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    I think maybe the cyano took over on his brain and clouded his judgement on reality......:fool: :fool: bubbles....

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    oh by the way George..........What a good name ....George.We have to stick together.And keep kissing da girls... bubbles....

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    "dont let salt water scare you".... LOL!

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    That's what you call one hell of a ride. What a beautiful phrase: Don't let "Salt Water" scare you! This tank is almost zero maintenance! That tank probably isn't worth $6000 US.
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    If he put zero maintenance into the tank, that would help explain his cyano problem. It was rather nice of him to clean the glass for us though!!

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    I think it would have been nicer if he never cleaned the glass!!!! I feel bad for the couple of fish in there.
    Mike Philpott

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