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    Personal Introduction

    I'm very new here, and have no tank yet.
    For now i'm just doing lots of reading on saltwatter tanks.
    I'm moving 31-MAR-05 to the place I bought recently.
    As soon as I move I'll start setting up a tank (with a lot of help from my good friend Aqua).
    He'll donate a 50g with a stand (very generous) and some frags down the road.
    Any other donations are wellcome (maybe too much to ask).
    Anything from leftover piping.
    Cannot wait to begin. I've been spendin in average 4 hours online researching the matter.
    I'm very impressed by AquariaCanada and their members.
    Excellent posts. Lots to learn from them.
    Oh, boy...I talk(type) too much.
    Anyway, far hobby-less I found a new hobby.
    I did some fresh-watter a while ago, this will be a new field for me.

    Keep up a good work, and lots a good posts. LOL.


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    great to see you on board ...A.C. is a great place to learn about this hobby wait addiction ..thats more like ..have fun and enjoy thats what its all about...

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    You are in the right place. Plus you can buy alot of stuff here for good prices.

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    [welcome] to AquariaCanada.
    Hope you find lots of help here and don't be shy to ask "any" question!!

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    Welcome to the board Bonaqua.

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    Cool personal introduction

    Hi there:

    I'm also new here, and also reading and researching and planning a first SW tank. Good luck to you. I expect I'll be in the same boat.


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