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    Dumb rock question

    Hey all,

    I just finished cleaning out my 75G aquarium to sell it & I realised I have some rock that's been in every one of my fish tanks for as long as I've had fish tanks.

    The rainbow rock & red slate I think is okay in a reef tank, but I've read someplace that lava rock might be a problem.

    I have this one piece that, as dumb as it sounds I'm kinda attached too.

    Its been under water for at least 15 years in one aquarium or the other and it's currently part of the "rock soup" I've been boiling on the stove for the last hour.

    Anyway is it a paper weight?


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    Salt water has a greater ability to leach chemicals out of the things it comes in contact with. i have a few pieces of Lava rock in my tank but it is the heaver stuff. Lava rock comes in may forms based on where in the lava flow it is recovered from. From what I have heard ... the real light stuff is not a good choice while the heavy stuff is OK.

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    I also have a piece of lava rock in my tank that, like you Krugar, has been in all of my takes from day one, from fresh water to salt water. It is dark red, almost brown, and quite heavy. It doesn't seem to be a problem for me anyways.

    "The Other" Ivan

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