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    my strip has four 65W bulbs (2 actinic and 2 10,000K) and everyone is happy. i have no complaints and i doubt you would either. it costed me about $250 US - which is a lot cheaper and simpler than MH. It also has integrated moon-lights (which look very cool) and a built in fan as well to keep it cool. i am very happy with it and would reccommend it.
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    *rethinking the MH/VHO Canopy idea*
    thanks a lot Tang_Man :hammerhea

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    P.S. I just got an IceCap ballast :imwithstu

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    Re: Power Compact or Metal Halide?

    Originally posted by Nighty
    I have been hearing quite a bit about power compacts. Is there a huge difference between them and metal halides? Which is better?


    I think you have to decide what your livestock would be better off with. Cost may also be a factor for you. As well as heat over your tank.

    For look I prefer MH over any other bulb type.

    My 2cents.

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