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    Calgary LFS

    Hi there:

    I'm new here, first post. I have a long history in FW, and I'm planning a first SW tank. I've been to every LFS in Calgary and I've been really disappointed. No, disgusted is a better word. Filthy equipment, dirty tanks, sick fish, mislabelled stuff. I'd like to know if there's anyone here in Alberta, and if so, where do you buy your livestock?



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    I'm not from Calgary but Edmonton is close enough!

    From what I hear, the cheapest place in Calgary is Gold's Aquarium. However, you have to hit it on a stocking day or else its picked clean in a couple of hours. I've heard that people usually line up outside before it opens on stocking days! They have Liverock for sale at about $5/lb which is cheap considering it is $10/lb here

    I also like Ocean Aquariums on Centre St. I think that it is much better than Wai's though Wai's does get really nice stuff in.

    Those are usually the 3 big places the Calgary Reef Club recommend. You should check them out on:

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    You could try our Local Fish Store Locator for store locations and reviews... Hope this helps!


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