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    Closed Loop

    Hi everyone!

    I was recently told I might want to look into a closed loop to replace the powerheads I'd had planned for in my new system. Especially considering the system isn't put together yet, now would be the optimal time to consider this option.

    I've done a bit of a search on here, so I know what a closed loop is for and what they generally look like. I was now wondering if you fine folks could help me plan a closed loop for a 120-gallon tank in the process of design? Also suggest how I'd modify it to fit a 187-gallon if I decide to go that route.

    I'm hoping that this design will incorporate all the things you wish you'd incorporated from the start, and also avoid the initial problems some of your original designs encountered.

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    go for the 187 gallon,and for cloosed loop have holes drilled in the back wall so you wont have any tubes in the aquar.

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