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Thread: What is this?

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    What is this?

    I have seen this worm like creature in my tank for a long time but finally decided to see if anyone could ID it.

    I have only seen what is in the picture coming out of a rock about 1". It does not always come out of the same hole but seems to stay in the same rock.

    It seems to be searing for something all around it burrow(?). If it is startled it will pull back in but seems to actully pull in the middle of the tube, almost like turning inside out.

    Any ideas what this is? More importantly will he be harmfull when I start adding coral?

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    I'm familiar with the worm/creature, but don't know the name. I do know that it is perfectly safe.

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    Kinda looks like a caterpillar! LOL! I didn't know they could swim!

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