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    Tigertail Cucumber

    I am a little worried about my tigertail cucumber. I have been informed that these guys only come out during the night hours of the aquarium, and I'm fine with that. I'm just concerned because even on late-night stake outs I haven't seen any sign of him. Neither have I noticed the beaded up sand that is his sand-droppings.

    Does anyone with a tiger tail (not) experience this same thing? I just never see any signs of him.
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    How long has it been?

    They can go off and focus on an area you can't see for a few days at a time. They can also get into spot you wouldn't expect.
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    My tiger tail seldom goes on the open sand. Most of the time he's in the rocks or on the rock and feeding off the sand. He can also vanish for a couple of days.
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    I put him in 2 - maybe 3 weeks ago and haven't seen him since two days after he went in.
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    He will show up at one point or another...or hes dead.....3 weeks is alot thought...unless you have alot of rocks and he hides.....i had a few of those in the past and i didnt see them often..there ugly anyway ehehhe......but can clean up pretty good they are like turd know the saying you are what you eat ehehe this one applies

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    I hadn't seen my tiger tail in months. I recently transfered the contents of my 90g to a 180g and found him under a rock. He is very much alive and healthy. I wouldn't worry about him.

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    I started with one about three years ago. Now I have at least 5. I very rarely ever see them out in the open, but every time I lift something up, I find one.....BTW, my sand bed is always spotless.

    I wouldnt' worry. Tigertails are pretty stable and if he had died, and you didn't have enough clean-up crew to take care of the carcass, you probably would have lost fish by now. Otherwise, he died and your clean-up crew did it's job, or...he is still alive somewhere under a rock and cleaning away.

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    Between my diamond goby, horseshoe crab, and tiger tail, my sand is also always spotless. I am glad to hear that you never see them - I knew this would probably be the case but I was worried.
    "Killed your clownfish? That's 30 days in the electric chair for you!"

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