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Thread: Prism Skimmer

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    Prism Skimmer

    I have a prism skimmer but I am not sure how much I like it. I've found that sometimes (without touching it) it will get out of wack and fill too quickly with water - this will in turn dump the nasty crap into my tank because of the desgin of the thing. Also, I had to seal it with vasaline between the reaction chamber and the catch cup so that it wouldn't leak all over behind my tank. My anger, therefor, has grown equal to the fire of a thousand suns towards the LFS that said these things rock.

    Who else has one of these, and what are your experiences?
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    I had no luck with the one that I had either. Big piece of crap!!!!
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    Mine is on a 20gal nano and it rocks..

    but a friend of mine has one and it fills up with water.. i guess its hit and miss.. lol..

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    garbage, anything over a 20g will need a real skimmer.

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    How old is it? I had one and although it was very finicky, I never had a problem with it leaking. Sounds like a warranty issue to me. But I would never buy one again.

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    I have one and it seems to be working fine for me. I guess the one downfall is you have to empty it regularly if it is working well.
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    I had one on my 20g quarantine tank. I got rid of it. I could never keep the thing "dialed in" and it never did take much out of the water. I'd rate this about the same as a SeaClone = bottom of the line.

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    Had one on my 20g for several years now (I'd say 4). It's not perfect but does the job.

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