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    Newbie/Vermetid snail?

    I am fairly new to FW and only a few says into SW. I purchased a 30 cube setup that had been running for about 5 months, about 40 lbs of live rock, DSB and 4 Damsels that were used to cycle the tank.

    After browsing around this forum (and 'studying' my newest setup) I found what appears to be a Vermetid snail, for now I have placed it in quarantine.

    Lots of information here, it's been a great help already.

    Fredericton, NB

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    It's not a vermatid, those are actually immobile. Your's looks like it could be a whelk to me. I'd keep it in quarantine until you can get a better ID. Some whelks can be dangerous.

    PS - nice cube tank!

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